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Innovative and patented TRIZ technology was introduced into the development of T1 automatic Oval Printing Machine. Optical inspection method was integrated with up-to-date technology on mechanical structure and servo control systems, together with advanced AI algorithm to ensure precise and quick positioning after frame replacement – total frame changing process can be done in a few minutes on T1 instead of hours by manual changing process. The complete process can be switched between full automatic and semi-automatic mode and therefore minimize the requirement on technical experiences of operators during manual changing process.

Visual inspection system developed by Cnding combined intelligent inspection by industrial CMOS cameras, algorithm on deviation positioning and calculation, real-time data transmission, fully servo adjustment to ensure quick and precise positioning of screen frame. This innovation on T1 effectively increases productivity and improves quality. Meanwhile, T1 would reduce labor costs and prevent possible misjudgment due to visual fatigue

servo multi-axis tunning device, adjustment tolerance up to 0.01mm

One-button positioning of screen frames on all stations of the line, simple, efficient and precise.

The complete line has been ergonomic optimized. Most moving parts are high precision machined to make sure of highest working stability.

The printing heads can be grouped freely or combined with digital direct injection printing. T-1 can also be equipped with pressing machine, flocking machine or other equipment at the same time upon requirement of different processes.

T-1 covers hundreds of patent protected technology. It is very suitable for small batch printing orders – less than 100 pcs. As trend of fashion industry, consumer demand oriented e-commerce trading platforms such as Alibaba, Tik-tok, Amazon are asking for production capacity on small batch orders with shortest time-to-market time. Thanks to our innovative AI visual inspection system, screen frame change and positioning on T-1 can be done in a few minutes instead of traditionally hours by manual positioning method. This offers the best solution for screen printing industry in regarding to the trend of quick production for small batch demand.

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